Oddhouse Farm – Another Appeal Won in Rushcliffe’s Greenbelt



Paula Money was instructed to undertake an appeal following the refusal of planning consent by Rushcliffe Borough Council for the conversion of redundant farm buildings into 5,700ft2 of B1 office space and the creation of a new access point and associated car parking. The redundant barns formed part of the Oddhouse Farm unit and the purpose of the application was to bring these substantial barns back into use and also enable the diversification of the farming unit. In addition the application proposals also provided a much needed and improved vehicular  access for the farming operation. 


The application was submitted to Rushcliffe Borough Council by the architects and was subsequently refused on the grounds that the access road would have a detrimental impact upon the open character of the green belt. A substantial and comprehensive appeal statement was submitted to the Planning Inspectorate which demonstrated that the approval of the application would not be detrimental to the open character of the green belt and would actually bring forward substantial benefits including the retention of the barns which had architectural and historical merit, the creation of a much needed and improved vehicular access for the farm and also lead to the diversification of the farm. The Inspector subsequently allowed the appeal and concluded that the he agreed that the harm to the openesses of the green belt would not be great and that allowing the appeal would ensure the retention of the building and also provide a safe and proper access to the farm.